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Anyone with an interest in prospect development is welcome to attend an Apra Carolinas event. Our in-person events generally include lunch and a full-day focused on professional development. For more information, or if you are interested in presenting or hosting, please contact the Education Committee Chair, Rachael Walker.

"One quality of leaders and high achievers in every area seems to be a commitment to ongoing personal and professional development." 

- Brian Tracy

Upcoming events

    • 12/15/2021
    • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Zoom

    Join us for the last Apra Carolinas book discussion of 2021!

    Our fourth and final Apra Carolinas book discussion of the year will be Generation Impact: How Next Gen Donors are Revolutionizing Giving (336 pages) by Sharna Goldseker and Michael Moody. We’ll be discovering how Gen X and Millennial donors are changing their approach to charitable giving to achieve greater impact. This should give us some great insight into the future of philanthropy, as well as some tools on how to engage and steward these next gen donors.

    You can find this book at online retailers, bookstores, and your local library! 

Past events

11/19/2021 Apra Carolinas Coffee Chat - Hosted by iWave
10/29/2021 2021 Virtual Fall Conference: Networking Session - Apra Carolinas Post Conference Coffee Chat
10/27/2021 2021 Virtual Fall Conference: Session 4 - Private Company Valuation: Putting Together the Puzzle of Private Wealth
10/20/2021 2021 Virtual Fall Conference: Session 3 - Using Excel for Data Visualization: Pivotal Tips for Prospect Development
10/13/2021 2021 Virtual Fall Conference: Session 2 - What We Learned from 2020: Major Gifts & AI
10/06/2021 2021 Virtual Fall Conference: Session 1 - Making Technology Work for You (and Your Fundraisers)
09/16/2021 Apra Carolinas Book Discussion - Dare to Lead
08/26/2021 Webinar: Designing Metrics and KPIs
08/20/2021 Apra Carolinas Coffee Chat
07/16/2021 Apra Carolinas Coffee Chat
07/08/2021 Workshop: Pivoting to a New Level
06/16/2021 Apra Carolinas Book Discussion - The Leader's Guide to Unconscious Bias
05/21/2021 Apra Carolinas Coffee Chat
05/13/2021 Webinar: Your Next Best Donor is Already in Your Database
04/20/2021 Post Conference Coffee Chat
04/12/2021 Apra Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference 2021
03/18/2021 Apra Carolinas Book Discussion - The Mental Toughness Handbook
03/03/2021 Webinar: Excel Wrestling 101
02/18/2021 Apra Carolinas Game Night
12/18/2020 Apra Carolinas Coffee Chat
11/20/2020 Apra Carolinas Coffee Chat
10/30/2020 Apra Carolinas - Post Conference Coffee Chat
10/28/2020 Fall Conference Session 4: What’s DEI Got To Do With It?
10/21/2020 Fall Conference Session 3: The True Final Frontier: Corporate and Foundation Research and Relationship Management
10/14/2020 Fall Conference Session 2: AI & Machine Learning: The Impact on Prospect Research
10/07/2020 Fall Conference Session 1: Leadership Annual Giving Panel
09/25/2020 Apra Carolinas Coffee Chat
08/28/2020 Apra Carolinas Coffee Chat
08/12/2020 Webinar: Tweet Tracking: Collect and visualize what people are saying about your organization
08/07/2020 Apra Carolinas Coffee Chat
07/16/2020 Apra Carolinas Virtual Happy Hour July 2020
06/19/2020 Apra Carolinas Coffee Break
05/27/2020 Apra Carolinas Virtual Happy Hour
04/29/2020 Webinar: Parent Research
04/24/2020 Webinar: Using H-1B Data to Determine Salaries
04/15/2020 Webinar: I Don’t Know What I Don’t Know: Improving Fundraiser Relations Through Needs Assessment
03/20/2020 CANCELED - Apra Carolinas Spring 2020 Conference
11/13/2019 Webinar: Let's Get Engaged! Creating an Engagement Score Using Excel
10/29/2019 Webinar: Who’s at the Top of Your List? How to Segment Your Donors and Find Your Hidden Gems
10/11/2019 Apra Carolinas 2019 Fall Conference
08/01/2019 Prospect Development 2019: Apra Carolinas Happy Hour
03/15/2019 Apra Carolinas 2019 Spring Conference
12/11/2018 Three ways to revolutionize prospect research and prospect management with Microsoft Excel
10/05/2018 Fall 2018 Conference at Clemson University
04/12/2018 Apra Carolinas Spring 2018 Conference
10/24/2017 “City Mouse, Country Mouse: Ownership, Value, and Trends from Park Avenue to Waggoner Ranch”
10/05/2017 Apra Carolinas Fall 2017 Conference
09/19/2017 Recorded Webinar: Philanthropic Game Changer: Strategies for Donor Advised Funds
06/20/2017 Philanthropic Game Changer: Strategies for Donor Advised Funds
03/23/2017 Apra Carolinas Webinar - To Keep or Release: That is the Question
03/13/2017 Apra Regional Conference (ARC) 2017
10/06/2016 Fall Conference 2016 @ NC State University
10/05/2016 Dinner in Raleigh on 10/5/2016
07/28/2016 APRA Carolinas in Nashville, TN!
03/04/2016 Spring Event
10/16/2015 Triad Happy Hour
09/22/2015 Fall 2015 Event
09/11/2015 Triangle Area Happy Hour
07/23/2015 APRA Carolinas in New Orleans!
06/25/2015 Happy Hour in Columbia, SC
04/16/2015 Big Data & Higher Education
03/19/2015 Prospecting for Hidden Treasure
02/09/2015 APRA's Education Week: Chapters Share Knowledge
10/14/2014 What Works: A Game Show of Successes in Our Field
07/31/2014 APRA Carolinas Social in Vegas

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