Whether in person or virtual, we would love for you to meet our members and learn more about their needs. With plenty of opportunities to connect, we hope to see you soon. 

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Apra Carolinas is the leading association for North Carolina and South Carolina professionals working in prospect development and other related areas of philanthropy. Our members are professionals from various nonprofit verticals, including higher education, healthcare, cause-specific nonprofits, and more. Covering two states, North Carolina and South Carolina, we strive to deliver relevant professional development to our members. Our virtual content has increased our reach across the United States and we have partnered with several other chapters to ensure the best speakers are reaching our members. 

Decision Makers

Apra Carolinas members are often those in charge of the decision-making process for buying data products and consulting services. Over 40% of our members have Director or Vice President in their title and the majority work in Prospect Development or Advancement Services. Our members range from small one-person departments to large enterprise level organizations engaged in multi-billion dollar campaigns. 


Apra Carolinas has a webpage dedicated to our Sponsors, with live links and company logos. We mention each sponsor by name during programming and provide acknowledgement in all newsletters and invitations. Additionally, we host a spring and fall conference each year. These events are generally held in person with around 60-75% of our membership in attendance. Gold Sponsors are given the opportunity to present at one of these conferences, which is why the number of sponsors at that level are limited. Additionally, our Gold Sponsors are provided space in one newsletter to include the advertisement of their choice. All levels of sponsorship are encouraged to provide materials for distribution at these events; Silver and Gold Sponsors are provided a table at the event. Additionally, Apra Carolinas provides regular webinars throughout the year and Silver Sponsors are given the opportunity to present a product-focused webinar as part of that series. 


In addition to our annual conferences and webinars, Apra Carolinas is committed to hosting regular virtual networking events throughout the year. We encourage all of our sponsors to attend any of our networking opportunities to get to know our members. 


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact us at ApraCarolinas@gmail.com

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