Staying Alive: How to find your groove in Prospect Research & Development
Spring 2014
Sometimes, it seems it's all we can do to stay alive in our field, right? Beth Inman, Kristin Richardson, and Philip Perkinson, at University of South Carolina hosted us, and wow, they treated us well! And, let's not forget our special visit from Cocky, USC's mascot! The excitement carried throughout the day with presentations from Joelle Ryan-Cook, Dr. Daniel Jones, and Elaine Delk, as they provided many tips to find our groove in prospect development. 


The Prospect Puzzle: Data Analytics Symposium, Fall 2013
 Krystal Wilson at Appalachian State University hosted us for a great event, with lunch from the legendary  Dan'l Boone Inn. Our very own, Patrick O' Toole from UNC-Asheville, presented on how to build an affinity  calculator. Many attendees adopted his affinity calculator and use it at their shops. Andrew Whittaker, from  Alignment Partners opened the floor to the attendees and led a discussion about the trends and issues in  our field. 

The Fabulous Prospecting Gamble, Summer 2013
Our first 2-day event was held at Wingate University, and it was, well, fabulous! Our phenomenal speakers were Helen Brown, Mitch Roberson, Elaine Delk, David Lawson, David Julian, Cindy Rice, Mary Kathryn Dempsey, Bill Tedesco, and Cecelia Poplin. 
We also had an awesome casino night, and Philip Perkinson from USC was the big winner! 

Spring Into Research
April 11th, 2013

Dan Lowman, from GG&A, gave a very enlightening presentation on conducting major gift analysis, with insights anyone could use in their prospect management shops. After lunch, we heard various vendor presentations, and about the new features that they had at that time. Thank you to Tracey Martin for hosting us again at Duke University. It's a beautiful campus and the food is delicious!

APRA-Carolinas Fall Workshop 2012
Our meeting at the Embassy Suites in Greensboro came on the heels of Hurricane Sandy wreaking havoc up and down the eastern seaboard. However, many showed up to learn about maximizing portfolios through review sessions and targeting prospects, using data charts and graphs to help us tell our story in fundraising, and working on individual issues we were facing in our own offices. During this time together, we also learned about the new volunteer structure that is currently being implemented. Please see our section About Us to learn how you can help us.

APRA-Carolinas WinterFest 
We hosted three professional fundraisers, Krista Bofill- Director of Major Gifts at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, Tamara Holmes Brothers- Director of Corporate Relations and Foundations at Fayetteville State University, and Tony Gooch- Director of Development at Durham Rescue Mission to discuss how best research, prospect management and fundraisers can best work together for more successful programs was a huge hit! While bringing lots of well-known members, we were graced with new faces and some very interesting visitors.
Big thanks to Krista Bofill for hosting our lunch at the R. David Thomas Center located adjacent to Fuqua School of Business. Thank you to Richard Ammons for welcoming us and acknowledging the great work that our profession provides to the fundraising success of our organizations.

Summer Sizzle at Wingate University - Wingate, NC
June 9, 2011
What a time we had on Thursday, June 9, 2011 with a packed half-day event at Wingate University! Our hosts, Vint Tilson and Debbie Farrell graciously offered space AND lunch for FREE!!! Twenty-one colleagues gathered together and learned at the hand of Cindy Manshack and Kate Breck, both veterans in the field of prospect research for fundraising. Over lunch, we were able to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. Our time was so enjoyable that we were lingering still after the time had expired. Thank you to Wingate University, Target Analytics- Kate Breck, and Cindy Manshack for your time, dedication and expertise!

Let's Go Fishing! 
February 25, 2011
Tania Drummond, from North Carolina State University, presented skill sets that every good researcher should have as well as demonstrated sites for beginners in research to know and use. 

Steven Knight, from WealthEngine, brought us Social Media content and how to use or not for research purposes which challenged our thinking.

Josh Birkholz, from Bentz Whaley Flessner, brought an intriguing look at data analytics which delved into the regions of looking at YOUR prospects in a different way than just sifting data based on everyone else's ideal prospect.

We were honored during lunch to have Mr. Mickey Dowdy, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement join us and speak to our gathering recounting how far our profession has come since he first started in fundraising. He related how very proud he is of his team of research and prospect development and the work they do daily to enhance his team's success in raising money for ECU.
The afternoon sessions decided to combine and offered both vendors a chance to speak to the entire group. We were dazzled by the different options offered by both Bentz Whaley Flessner and WealthEngine. 

Meet & Greet
October 21, 2010
Helen Tannis coordinated a Meet & Greet at Grill 584 in Burlington, NC where 21 professionals gathered to network. We had two attend from South Carolina, one from eastern area of North Carolina and many more from Charlotte to Raleigh. 

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